Oil Refinery Cleanup

Oil Refinery Cleanup
Remediation of Slush Pits and Spills

Our team has provided remediation of the slush pits (also known as legacy pits) and spills that are a part of all drilling and processing operations. This is the area where the drillers shunt the substandard oil into hurriedly prepared ponds that are scheduled to hold the toxic contents indefinitely. When the rainfall enters these ponds, the water level rises, potentially allowing the contaminated oil and water to enter the environment.

Salem, Oregon, USA
Dairy Farm Manure Ponds

Converting this crusted over manure lagoon into plain water was once a difficult task for farms. The cleaned lagoon is blue and there remains no evidence of solids within two weeks of treatment. This equipment raft is shown pulled out for maintenance. The output of this dual system has the capacity to continually stir the water, delivering the highly oxygenated water to the entire lagoon. After five days of operation there are no odors, and no sludge.

Salem, Oregon Dairy Farm Manure Ponds
Portland, Oregon, USA Municipal Waste Transfer Station

Portland, Oregon, USA
Municipal Waste Transfer Station

An early design for a closed-loop system that cleans the wash water from the tipping floor at a garbage plant in a Portland, Oregon suburb. This system has been in continuous operation for over 8 years and completely recycles all wastewater for transfer station cleanup. Municipal wastewater usually contains almost every contaminate known and is the most difficult to clean.