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Our water cleaning and reuse service focuses on natural gas developers' most critical issues.

We work on strategy for fracking wastewater cleaning and reuse, primarily at this time in Alberta. We are known for passionate dedication to our mission. We love what we do and we love bringing our clean water success to our customers.

  AgSpectra provides a different breed of industrial wastewater service. We have some of the best industry experts and offer unique access to specialist expertise.

Our wastewater cleaning service was specifically designed using proprietary technology that easily handles the high volumes of wastewater generated by natural gas well fracking. 

  We at AgSpectra are expert strategists, our relationships with government, industry and communities are the key to our success.

We begin by helping our customers high profile fracking wastewater issues, providing a sustainable solution that ensures our future. 

“Water was the key to our farm's success.
Our farm produces larger, better quaility fruits and vegetables than any farm in the area”
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